Horse Stalls and Exercise Arenas

Horse Stalls

Our stalls and arenas are designed to give your valuable horses the protection they deserve. We have developed a freestanding stand-alone module.


  • All the steel is galvanized to eliminate rusting.
  • The plywood is treated for outside use.
  • Easy sliding door.
  • The panels are of sufficient weight to prevent movement by a horse.
  • Stand-alone modules can be built onto at a later date.
  • Custom made sizes to suit your horse or barn.
  • 4mx4m square gives the horse plenty of room.

Horse Exercise Arenas

Our horse exercise arena provides a safe and convenient facility to exercise your horses. Ease to erect and moving means that you can choose the suitable site for any particular occasion.


  • All steel galvanized to eliminate rusting.
  • Easy to erect and move.
  • Panel 3.4m width x 1.6m height.
  • Construct to any size diameter by using extra panels.